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Cat Terrell

When the water would swallow me,
tickle my earlobes & soak my hair,
I'd hop up to keep it from my lips,
and pant with each extra kick it
took to keep me breathing,
keep my head on top of the
warm blue lilts of the pool.
Four feet deep used to mean all these things:
that I'd have to count on my toes
to get from one stretch of pool to
the next. Now, feet flat on the pool
ground, my head towers a foot and a
half above the surface of that
splashing sea. Four feet isn't so deep,
no chlorine clogs my nose,
and a head of wet hair is up to me.
Cat Terrell

My name is Cat Terrell, I am 21 years old, and I'm a poet, musician, mathematician, you get the idea. I like writing poetry that evokes very specific images, and I especially like it when the words I happen to choose have a lot of assonance between them. The poems published here are my first ever published anywhere, and most of them revolve around an incidental theme: growing up. When I'm not writing poetry I am spending time with friends, or going on a walk in nature, or reading. I am so grateful for the three poetry courses I took at PCC that expanded my poetry knowledge and subsequent worldview, so thank you to Van Wheeler, Mia Caruso, and Chrys Tobey for being excellent instructors.

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