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Under Moon Flowers
Moonrose Doherty

Under these moon flowers I let you go

I tasted you

Savored you on my tongue

Felt your warm hug

—when you used to pull me to your chest

When you used to laugh to the sky with me. When you used to...


A nest of cedar roots

A dragonfly loving me

A pinkish-orangish sky


Dusk held us gently


When you saw me

When the cracks let light shine through

When we weren’t exhausted yet

When sunset shades held magic

When we smiled across a pit of ashes


A place where our arms intertwined like a spruce and a hemlock

        growing together

Where lightening ran through us

Moonrose Doherty

Moonrose is a Queer, Non-binary/Genderfluid Poet, Farmer, Plant lover and Knowledge-Sharer who loves dancing with other humans or alone on the edge of a bay while talking with seagulls. Their friends say they're an artist and a creative who spreads inspiration and love of life. Moonrose sees themself as a constantly changing being that feels most at home when expressing and embodying for change.

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