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Return to Mortality
Natalie Alsdorf

don’t go              thrashing.              don’t try               to deny death

the promised pleasure                  of sweeping you away.              stop pretending

you have all the time in the world.                     you don’t.                             and that’s okay.

whether flying               in a private plane–               pining for perspective                 on a moonlight flit,

or lying                                     on a table                              while they look at your pain,

don’t go                             thrashing                               as death takes your hand.

in its hushed and humble embrace,                                the darkness will ease the pain,

will dim the lights.                                                                            death

won’t seem so sinister                              if you allow the vexing veil to fall.

look into its steadfast eyes,                                                           and realize–

it will do you                                                              the least


Natalie Alsdorf

I am currently 19 years old and have spent most of my life in western Colorado. Besides my time in Oregon the past year and a half (for which I am so grateful), I consider myself a Coloradan at heart and felt called to move back to the colorful, sunny state. Most of my inspiration for my work is derived from nature, my faith, and the human experience. I enjoy sunrise runs, cat snuggles, writing (and re-writing) late at night, and listening to audiobooks and music. I hope to become a published fiction author in the future and am taking my goal one day, and one word, at a time.


 @nataliealsdorf (Instagram)

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