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My Last
Malika Bailey

This is the last -
the last screw
sealing the barrier
between my truths
and your lies.

The last vowels stuttered
out of ashen lips
too afraid to confront
the violation of my rights.

But it is not the last
ounce of love I hold
for it trickles steady
as a stream


into the Orinoco Delta,
where the disregarded -
honeyed remnants of me,
settle in the wetlands.

This is the last time
I lay bare for the minimum
because this last hour
I promised myself that my worth,
like those of my ancestors
whose flesh became stocks
on a market so grim,
has a price that can’t be bought
and was molded within me -
to last.
Malika Bailey

Malika is currently pursuing a degree in science. Whether it be mapping the ocean floor or surveying plants and various creatures, learning about our ecosystem is a passion of hers. It is this passion that propels her into making art from song to dance to poetry. She turns to her ancestors for ancient wisdom to remember what it means to be in balance and learn the skills needed to thrive. Inspired by the elements, she merges the tangible with the unspoken hoping to create something beautiful.

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