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In the End
Poul Suero

What’s it all for in the end?
With all words spoken
All promises broken
Nothing left to hear 
But the whisper of the dead?
What did it mean then, in the end?
Warnings, could they be?
That I saw but failed to see?
Was it my lamentable conceit
Passing over bloody puddles at my feet
That beat and beat that oppression
Into depleted depression
A nothingness so sour but tasting so sweet
What to do then, in the end?
When sand pulls me to the quick
And entombs me, brick by brick
Into desolate darkness?
Could there be a point, then, at the end
Where hope and malice blend
Where empty hearts fill and mend
And with borrowed love attend
To a single moment, to extend
A lifeline to that moment
Of love well spent
Could that hope and love help me ascend?
In darkness I dare and hope, my friend.
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