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I Never Knew My Father
Poul Suero 

I never knew my father

Though I saw him every day

Never understood his words

Though I always did obey

Never knew his passions

Though we always were at play

Never knew his sadness

Though I saw him waste away

I never saw his fears

They were never on display

I never felt his pain

That he never would convey

I never knew his anger

That he always kept at bay

I never knew his struggles

That he always would allay


But many years later now

As I raise my son I see the sacrifices

That always must be done

I learn the little details

That as a child I had missed

And think of all his failings

I had callowly dismissed

My father wasn’t perfect

But I know he tried his best

Now I’m the one raising a child

I hope to pass the test

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