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I am of this place
Moonrose Doherty

Funny thing about salal berries. Each one is different. Their ripening completely independent.

Maybe that’s why I like them so much.

The surprise



an opening to possibility stained fingers

I am estuarine water

Shore pine

Brackish water


I am sword ferns and red alder

I am cold fog and crabs burying themselves in the surf Melting sun and madrone blossoms

I am the scent of baking fir needles

I am open to possibility

Moonrose is a Queer, Non-binary/Genderfluid Poet, Farmer, Plant lover and Knowledge-Sharer who loves dancing with other humans or alone on the edge of a bay while talking with seagulls. Their friends say they're an artist and a creative who spreads inspiration and love of life. Moonrose sees themself as a constantly changing being that feels most at home when expressing and embodying for change.

Moonrose Doherty
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