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He Lived up on the Bluff
Hunter Bordwell-Gray

The bass on the wall croaked a twee song to electric perfection: 
Don’t Worry, Be Happy.
Sheet metal cowboys swayed so sweet,
languid in that summer heat,
a kindly sight on June’s dreary eyes.
And no ocean deigned to count itself so vast
as the sagebrush flats on which they danced,
innumerable, incalculable as nature is.
Yet grander still was Grandfather’s study,
filled to the brim
with little toy tractors.
His leather-bag laugh bound clear to the walls
and back. Such sanguine warmth not made to be contained,
like a desert wind.
Hunter Bordwell-Gray

I am a lifelong Portland resident and a first-year Creative Writing/Poetry student at PCC. I started my journey in elementary school, intricately crafting my first novel on a rundown laptop…as far as a 10 year old could stay entertained before chasing the next shiny idea. Since then, I have delved into the realms of poetry, tabletop campaign writing, and multimedia production. For me, writing is the only medium that allows me to clearly convey my ideas and experiences to other people where otherwise I sometimes struggle to express myself. I take much of my inspiration from a hodgepodge of nature, analog horror podcasts, and the roulette wheel that is my taste in music.

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