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God's Acre
CJ Maruyama

In cerulean skies,

I stand alone

with granite relics—

             familiar angels

engraved upon stone.

I peer above,

to where the jay rests

             in songs of oak—

& from the bough, a screech

              owl glides out,

above the ravens

that tend the grounds

              & offer collected bones

to their guests.


In cerulean skies,

tears meet vale.

Below my heels,

lives a satin grass—beneath which,

             these angels,

             laid to rest, soar!


Soar, far beyond

                            my sight.

CJ Maruyama

CJ Maruyama is a writer based in Portland, Oregon. He writes poetry and fiction, ranging from humorous to visceral to transcendentalist. CJ has a BA from Occidental College, studies at PCC, and is enrolled in Portland State’s Creative Writing MFA program beginning Fall 2023. His poetry features in Letter & Line Magazine and will be in the next issue of Alchemy Literary Magazine. In his free time, CJ hikes, snowboards, and explores breweries with his wife, Erin,and their Siberian Husky, Kira.

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